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24th March 2023

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It was an absolute pleasure hosting the rowing experience for you on Friday!  Thank you for braving the weather and for being such a lovely enthusiastic lot!  We do operate all year around so, although cold and wet at times, it should give you all an idea of what corporates would expect in the colder months - and just how amazing this experience would be in summer months! You will also have a much better idea of how/why this makes one of the best teambuilding days around. 


I'm also glad that you got to experience this before the ridiculously exciting Boat races that took place yesterday afternoon - YEAH CAMBRIDGE!!  I'd like to say that you rowed just like them... But I won't. 

On that note, Ben Chattell, who took some great snaps of you all on friday, was also covering The Boat Race yesterday!  Suffice to say, he's had a very hectic 48hrs but will aim to send all our pictures later in the week.  In the meantime, I have added some teasers for you below - including some pics/vids taken on my phone. Enjoy!

Social media/referals

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With best wishes

Omar Terywall


Cambridge Rowing Experience

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