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"Our instructor was great. Fun and patient. Had a really fab afternoon!"


"A great way to start to experience rowing! We spent a bit of time indoors, and then a lot on the water; the team started as a spider, then as a crab, the we became (almost) real rowers! lots of fun and super thanks to Omar for the spirit of the day!"


"You are not living in Cambridge until you try this!"


"Thanks so much for a fantastic intro into rowing. Really keen to take this further!"


"Beginners totally welcome! Omar was a very supportive instructor; my mum just couldn’t seem to get it right, but he never gave up on her! I was very grateful for that, and I felt very taken care of. Also, just an amazing way to get on the river, for locals and tourists alike! A must if you are in Cambridge for a spell."


"I've been wanting to try rowing for years, so I'm pleased I've finally had the chance. The coaching was top notch and as a result we did pretty well as a completely novice group! Thanks very much :) The club facilities seemed very good also."


"I had been given a voucher for this as a present and was so happy with it. I am new to Cambridge and felt getting a chance to go rowing on the Cam was an obligatory activity I needed to experience. The day was very well organised, and I thoroughly enjoyed the rowing."


"It was a thrilling experience to achieve a remarkable team performance within a few hours. Omar was superb at coaching us, giving consideration to our various ages and abilities"


"After having moved to Cambridge, I was always fascinated by the boats rowing on the Cam when walking by. I heard that you can actually sign up for a try-out, did some googling and filled out the enquiry form. However, since it was mid covid, I didn't hear anything for a number of months. So when I was finally contacted by Omar, and he told me that the taster days had started again, I signed up immediately. Never regretted it - was a wonderful experience,"


"Omar ran a very friendly and personal first rowing experience, taking us from nothing to all 8 rowing together in front of the Cambridge boathouses. A fun and very enjoyable afternoon."


"It was a very well organized event with good coaching"


"Trying things out for the first time when you're older is not only physically harder but also a bit embarrassing...I was so happy to see that the Cambridge Rowing Experience is super inclusive. So, from the get-go, everyone feels welcome no matter where you're from or how young/old you are. Omar's teaching approach is amazing; he has that rare talent of combining patience, focus, humour, and trust. It made all the difference for us to leave feeling great about rowing."


"At long last an opportunity to see Cambridge from the perspective of the river, a great privilege and hopefully not the last time."


“Great day out today with Cambridge Rowing Experience. Friendly people, good company, superb facilities, expert tuition and loads of fun, thank you!”


"For anyone who has never done any rowing before, the Rowing Taster Day is absolutely recommended! It was a very enjoyable and fun experience, a must on the to-do list of a Cambridgian. A great taster before deciding whether to commit to regular training with a boat club. Our instructors (Omar and his colleague) were very attentive, clear, positive, and inclusive. 10/10"


"I had zero rowing experience, it was a really good taster session, the fellow 7 other rowers were as keen to learn and Omar is a great trainer: patient, encouraging and clear explanations. Felt good to have these first slides on the Cam."


"Omar was brilliant, very personable, relatable, and adabtable to his clients. I don't envy someone training up to 8 people, but he was great! On the day we had one drop out, within moments we had someone from City Club dropping what they were doing and filling in for 3 hours. This is a testament to their club ethos and culture that they have built!"

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