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6th October 2022

Cam Rowing Experience-159.jpg

It was a pleasure hosting your rowing experience for you last week!  We have added a small selection of your photos below although you can view the full album here

More rowing

Some of you enquired about further rowing.  We run lessons all throughout the week which can you can take part in as little, or as often as you would like.  All our boats are categorised into different level groups.  Alan, Alejandra, Jack and JC (Stern 4) you will be in the ‘Level 1’ category and there is normally 1x outing scheduled at the weekends.  As for my bow 4, if you ever fancy a paddle, I'm happy to put you in with my experienced Level 3+ rowers. To take part, please email us and we'll keep you updated on all forthcoming lessons.  

Social media/referals


This is still very much a new attraction in Cambridge and word of mouth is by far, the best form of business.  We are on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Instagram.  Have a little look on our Instagram page as you will see a video reel of you all on there! 

With best wishes

Omar Terywall


Cambridge Rowing Experience

M. +44 (0)7507 718791



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