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YOUTH 'Learn To Row' Course - Gift voucher

YOUTH 'Learn To Row' Course - Gift voucher


Our 5 day youth courses are held during school holidays.

N.B. this is an e-voucher and will be emailed shortly after purchase.


The course consists of five separate sessions - outlined below;


  • Introduction to the club

  • Safety briefing

  • Then off to the gym to learn the ‘rowing stroke‘ on the ergs (rowing machine)

  • Take the 'eight' boat out!  

  • The group will be taught how to apply the technique on the river how to follow the coxes calls. 

  • We then go rowing on the river cam!


SESSION 2 - Water outing (2hrs)

All participants take the VII boat out along with their blades - and we go rowing! We will row up the River Cam towards Stourbridge Common (approx. 2km away)


SESSION 3 - Group erg session (1hr) 

This will be a group exercise working on the separation, timing and technique. We then take a short walk over to Downing College boatclub and 


SESSION 4 - Water outing (2hrs )

Now we put that separation to work with technical exercises.  We go further up the river onto 'The Reach',  (approx. 3km away)


SESSION 5 - Water outing (2hrs )

Get the boat and blades out and now put all that technique into practice for some fine tuning followed by some mini 'race pieces' to really get the adrenaline flowing in full swing! 



  • Gift vouchers can only be used against any of the existing youth courses listed on our youth course page - subject ot availability,
  • Vouchers are valid for 9 months from date of issue. 
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