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Cambridge Rowing Experience

Cambridge Rowing Experience


This gift voucher covers the FULL cost of our taster day rowing experience.


What does the taster day cover?

  • Introduction to the club and boats

  • Safety briefing

  • Then off to the gym to learn the ‘rowing stroke‘ on the ergs (rowing machine)

  • Next step, tour of boatbay and then the exciting part - taking an eight boat out of the boatbay and placing it on the river where each participant will get to apply their technique on the river.

  • The group will be taught how to sit the boat (keep it stable) and how to follow the coxes calls. 

  • All participants will then be taken to the boathouse to take the boat and blades out. 

  • We then go rowing on the river cam!

All gift voucher holders are priortised when it comes to bookings. 


Vouchers are valid for 9 months from date of issue.  

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