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Cambridge Rowing Experience!

Cambridge Rowing Experience!


This gift voucher covers the FULL cost of our taster day rowing experience.


What does the taster day cover?

  • Introduction to the club and boats

  • Safety briefing

  • Then off to the gym to learn the ‘rowing stroke‘ on the ergs (rowing machine)

  • Next step, taking our training tub out - a small rowing tub, affixed to the bank but allows you to take a stroke in the river. N.B. This is in absence of the rowing tank due to Covid restrictions on indoor activity.

  • The group will be taught how to sit the boat (keep it stable) and how to follow the coxes calls. 

  • All participants will then be taken to the boathouse to take the boat and blades out. 

  • We then go rowing on the river cam!

All gift voucher holders are priortised when it comes to bookings. We always send an email out to them first to offer available dates before offering it to general enquirers.


Vouchers are valid for 9 months from date of issue.  

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