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11th January 2022

Organised by Thomas Weaver

It was a pleasure hosting today's event for such a wonderful bunch!  We asked you to bring warm clothes and some enthusiasm... and despite the gloomy weather, you didn't disappoint! 

More rowing

For those of you who live locally or frequently visit Cambridge, you can still get involved with rowing by taking part in group lessons with us, as little, or as often as you would like.  The costs are £25 per session and lasts approx. 2hrs.  All our boats are categorised into different level groups.  You will be in the ‘Level 1’ category and there is normally 1x outing scheduled at the weekends.  To take part, please email us and we'll keep you updated on all forthcoming lessons.  There are also group erg sessions that you can take part in, which, other than being a fun workout with others at CRE, is also a ‘coached’ session so you can learn the full technique. These are priced at £12.50 for the hour. 

Social media/referals

The Cambridge Rowing Experience is still a relatively new attraction and so far, much of our custom has been through word of mouth.  On that note, if you do share any pictures from today, if would be just super if you could tag us. We are on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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