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13th July 2022

Organised by Christian Bunke and Natalia Korek

It was a pleasure hosting yesterday's event for such a wonderful bunch!  A special thanks to Christian Bunke and Natalia Korek for organising this for you all.  Rowing is very much a team sport and I'm certain that this became more apparent by the end of your session. 


We thought you all did incredibly well but more importantly... we hope you all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves!  :-)

More rowing

For those of you who live locally or frequently visit Cambridge, you can still get involved with rowing by taking part in group lessons with us, as little, or as often as you would like.  To take part, please email us and we'll keep you updated on all forthcoming lessons. If you plan on visiting Cambridge with friends/family and would like to do this with them, you can book this directly on our website or feel free to reach out to me directly.

Social media/referrals

The Cambridge Rowing Experience is still a relatively new attraction and so far, much of our custom has been through word of mouth.  On that note, if you do share any pictures from the experience, if would be just super if you could tag us (links below).  Do follow us as we may have a video of you all on there soon. 

Thanks again for being such a lovely group to work with!!

Omar Terywall

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